The DROWN attack

The DROWN attack (Decrypting RSA with Obsolete and Weakened eNcryption) makes it possible for an attacker to decrypt previously recorded TLS encrypted connections and then to obtain sensitive information in these communications. By sending a large number of specially prepared handshake messages to a server supporting SSLv2, attackers can obtain ... Több... »

7th Mar 2016
Essential Kernel Updates - All Servers Rebooted

We just finished updating all Server Backend Software. Since Kernel was also updated in the Process, We had to do Emergency Reboot. All Services are back Up.

31st Jan 2016
MySQL on CPSRV server upgraded to 5.6

We are pleased to announce that the MySQL version on CPSRV server is now upgraded to v5.6.
We have ensured all checks to ensure compatibility during Upgrade.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any doubts or Queries. :)

31st Jan 2016
Get SMS Alerts

We have added SMS alerts feature to our Client Area.

To Activate SMS Alerts, Please follow the below Steps :-

  1. Login to Client Area
  2. View your Profile
  3. Check the SMS Notifications Option
  4. Enter the desired Number on which SMS alerts should be sent.
  5. Save.

30th Jan 2016
Client Area Upgraded

Our Client Area - 
has been Upgraded with a New Look.

We hope you like it. :)

25th Jan 2016
Our Nameserver IP Changed

Due to Recent Dallas Datacenter Migration at ThePlanet (now Softlayer), We were forced to Migrate our Nameserver. The Migration was successful. The New Nameserver IPs will offer Faster Resolution. If you are using Our Nameservers, It is adviced, you Login to your Domain Registrar and Update the following IP Address (IF THEY REQUIRE ... Több... »

10th May 2013
Scheduled PHP & Apache Upgrade on server RO (

We will be upgrading our php installations on server RO ( from the current version of 5.3.19 to 5.3.22 on the 5th of March (Tuesday) . The Apache version will also be updated to 2.2 If you are currently hosted on a server that is running an older version of PHP or Apache and wish to be moved onto the new server. Please open a ... Több... »

5th Mar 2013
Network Issues Post Migration

We recently migrated our servers to a new location and post migration there have been a few complications resulting in network errors.Currently there are some hardware related issues that the server administrator is fixing. You might face fluctuations in the network and we apologize sincerely for the inconvenience. The issue should be resolved ... Több... »

4th Aug 2012

We are currently in the process of migrating our servers to a new location, this migration will cause your accounts to go down briefly. The migration will affect those hosted on servers ALPHA, SIVA & OMICRON only. The forums & are also being currently migrated and restored. It was ... Több... »

28th Jul 2012
Computing Host: Mail servers undergoing maintainenance and filters reconfigured

Hello, Due to reported mail issues, our server administrators are currently working on reconfiguring all of our spam filters and the mail servers are undergoing maintenance. We request you to please forgive us for all the inconvenience you are being caused due to this issue. If you wish to report your email issue, please send in an email to ... Több... »

11th Sep 2011